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August 20, 2005
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dev goes mac by IgorKlajo dev goes mac by IgorKlajo
:bulletred: THIS VERSION OF THE THEME DOESN'T WORK WITH THE CURRENT VERSION OF DEVIANTART. Currently I don't have time to make an update but will work on it as soon as possible :bulletred:


:bulletred: NEW IMPORTANT CHANGES TO THE CODE :bulletred:
Latest update: 22/06/2006
Important changes: Moved the dev goes mac css file to another location . . . The old link is still working


This is my second theme for deviantART. I called it dev goes mac because it's based on the MacOS X theme. I started to work on this theme back in May, but after I saw that this will take a long time, I stoped working on it. A couple of weeks ago I decided to work around the theme. It was a slow progress and I had a lot of problems. Wehn I fixed a problem I did another one, so in the end I just did fixes for fixes. I was very mad so I said tomyself, "Let's start all over again". So I did, this week. I could say that this is the second version of the theme, a more stable, if you want so :giggle:.

O.K. some of you'll say. "Heeeeeeey, I can't see this or that in any of the MacOS themes". Well if you find something that will make you say that, take those things as my "artistic free will". I know this is not 100% MacOS theme, but it's based on it. I know that some things are not working, I tried to make them work, believe me, but I can't figure out why they won't, but those are some small things, nothing important. Also some sites are not styled yet, like se services site, the subscription site and such things.

If using fixed buttons like in this theme it's such a thing, you can create only one for one browser setting. What I'm talking about is the font size. The font settings MUST BE NORMAL, if this isn't set this way you'll have problems with the skin. SO before you go on using this skin check your settings.

:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: FIREFOX MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING SETTINGS :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletred:

Go to Tools -> Options -> General -> Fonts & Colors Here you need to have the following settings

Proportional: Serif Size (pixels): 16
Serif: Times New Roman
Sans-Serif: Arial
Monospace: Courier New Size (pixels): 13

OK -> OK

To be sure that the fonts aren't magnified go to View -> Text size -> Normal or just hit Ctrl + 0

Now everything should work

:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: HOW TO USE IT :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletred:

FIREFOX USERS( recommended ):

- Go to `bluespeed9 and get his deviantSkinextension for Firefox and install it ( after installation restart Firefox )
- Now you can see a small "S" in the right bottom corner of Firefox. Right click on that icon in the Firefox Statusbar and choose "Skin Manager".
- In the opened window click on the "Add Skin" button. Another window will open.
- Now past the URL listed below and hit O.K. . deviantSkin will download the CSS file needed.
- Now choose the theme name from the list, which is in this case "dev_goes_mac" and hit the "Apply Skin" button
- Restart Firefox, come to deviantART and enjoy the theme.

:bulletred: File URL:

FIREFOX USERS ( additional way ):
- Get the chromEdit extension for Firefox and install it ( after installation restart Firefox )
- Go to "Tools" -> "Edit User Files" -> "userContent.css" and add the following line

@import "";

- Click on "Save", close the window and restart Firefox

OPERA USERS ( Opera 8.0 ):
- Open Opera and past the following link into tha address bar
- Save this CSS file somewhere on your computers hard drive
- Now go to "Tools" -> "Preferences"
- Go to the "Advanced" tab and choose "Content" from the list on the left of the window
- Now click on the "Style Option" button
- Check all fields listed under "User mode"
- Default mode set to "User mode"
- Click on the "Choose" button and search for the file you just saved a few steps earlier. Klick on the file called "dev_goes_mac.css" and click on "open."
- Hit O.K. and again hit O.K. Now the colors should change and the images should start downloading.

Keep in mind that this style is ment for Firefox browsers and not Opera, therefore problems are possible.

:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: SCRIPT SUPPORTS :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
This theme supports the following GreasyMonkey scripts

- deviantDynamicFav
- deviousToolbar
- editDeviantBar
- GallerySkip
- deviantPLUS

More to come in the future

:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: PROBLEMS :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletred:

:bulletred: Some buttons seem to be buggy.

:bulletred: Pageview site has no background: The "Notes" site and the "Pageview" site use the same class and removing it for one site will remove it for the other aswell. The effect I want to have on certain sites is not to have a background ( color or picture ) and this is the intention for the Notes site. Since it's a more frequent used part of deviantART than the "Pageview" site, I'll leave it this way.
The "Notes" site is correct and the "Pageview" site wrong.

:bulletred: Features : it's not possible to add a top border to the deviation list. This would break some other sites since the class is shared

:bulletred: Journal ( Update Journal / Add a New Journal Entry ) site has a border bug but only the subscribers and beta testers site. Teh right border of the left column ( Add a New Journal Entry ) is jumping to the left and right. Once it's placed fine and then again not. I guess this is a deviantART problem since this occures if only adding the border to the original theme

:bulletred: User forum sites : The information on the right or left seem to be broken, they move down to the site. This happens on my browser with the default skin, too.

:bulletred: Artist's Comments : With the default theme, If a deviation is watched in preview mode then ther eis no border on the right of the deviation details box ( Submitted: Category: , , , ). If the deviation is watched watched in fullview there is a border. I placed a border to fix this problem, but now on fullview there is double border.

:bulletred: deviantWATCH : MEMBERS site; the Select/Deselect All and Mark selected as Read buttons are 2px to high, or the list beacon is 2px too low. I don't what this is. This might be a problem I can fix

:bulletred: Community Messages : The Remove all button is misplaced. It's impossible to place it correctly for every part of that site ( Hot topics, Mics, Comments, . . . ). This has to do with deviantART. Also the headers have different bottom borders. There is a 1px difference between the Community Messages of members and subscribers. Fixing one will break the other. Also some borders might be missing. This is a deviantART problem.

:bulletred: Blog : Things may look creepy beacuse content elements ( like header )are taken from other parts of deviantART ( from places where they look fine )

:bulletred: Browse in "List" mode : don't know how to change the background color of the "Deviation" and "Submited" text

:bulletred: previous and next button : right from the Next button there is a 2px problem, 1px 2xtra backround and 1px extra problem, this is in journals, on some submission pages and some pages where previous and next buttons are needed . . .

:bulletred: User store : The Print and Other products button seem to have a different tabbar, will fix this broblem if it's possible

:bulletred: Browse button : The Welcome and Today buttons won't work if user on Welcome, Today, Features and Blog site

:bulletred: Browse button : The Welcome,Today and Features button in the user favourites are not placed well. This can't be done since the position setting is shared with the buttons on the Note site.

:bulletred: Submit button : Submit button turns blue if using deviousToolbar

For problems not listed above send me a Note

:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: THE FOLLOWING THINGS ARE NO BUGS :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletred:

:bulletblue: Featured Deviation : The title of the feauted deviation on a user site is not visible. This is not a but, this is how it has to be

:bulletblue: User bar : The Browse and Shop buttons are blue in normal state and silver on hover state. This is how it has to be

:bulletblue: GalleryStats : Timeline section no color changes are done

:bulletblue: Gallery information page : Spaces between the news headlines

:bulletblue: deviantWATCH : SUBSCRIBERS / BETA TESTERS; If Next and Previous button showed there is a 2px border between them. This has to be this way since the borders are needed if only one of those buttons is showed

:bulletblue: Browsing deviantART or user galleries : The next and previous buttons have no top blue border on mouse over. This option loos better than to have a double border above those buttons. I had to choose between no blu hover border or a present 2px border. This solution is the best looking ( to this time )

:bulletblue: Removes the beacon from the users Featured Deviation, only the image is visible

:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: THINGS TO DO :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletred:

:bulletgreen: Services site

:bulletgreen: Subscibe site ( members / subscribers / beta tester )

:bulletgreen: Subscibe site ( new member / subscribers / beta tester )

:bulletgreen: Search site ( deviantART is currently working on this site )

:bulletgreen: Support for more scripts

:bulletgreen: Future updates and changes will be listed in this journal.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2005-08-21
dev goes mac by =jokla is great, not because it's based on the Mac OS, but because it takes an existing concept and applies it to something totally new. Imagine how you would use deviantART if it looked just like your Mac. Moved this DD to the 21st for more exposure. I was a little late in showing this off. ( Suggested by bluespeed9 and Featured by TheRyanFord )
Xyrus-02 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
This is great. Unfortunately, it does not work for v5 since dAv5 is out, but you are the author and we are the users and have to wait until it's done =)

See, I'm working on a Google Skin which looks like and for this to save online time, I saved the pages I want to mod to my hd including all images, JavaScripts, stylesheets and sub-pages so I now can mod them offline putting my CSS at the end of the <head>-section below any default CSS. Seems to work also for dA...
IgorKlajo Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
ich mache das auch so, nur es dA ist nicht so einfach, zu mindest nicht meine sachen, denn es ist einfach nuch die farben zu ändern, aber dinge die ich speziell haben will, muss man manchmal an anderer stelle wieder zu nichte machen . . . entweder macht man alles global und ändert dann die sachen an stellen die man nicht braucht, oder man ändert sachen für jede sektion einzeln.

für mich habe ich schon was fertig, die wichtigen sachen halt, aber das sieht nicht so toll aus da ich es publik machen könnte. werde versuchen jeden tag was zu machen, sachen ändern
Xyrus-02 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Du sprichtst deutsch? Auch gut ;)

Es ist schon länger her, dass ich einen Skin via Stylish/Greasemonkey bauen wollte - allerdings hab ich mich in dem Chaos und der Komplexität von DeviantArt verloren und es aufgegeben. DeviantArt benutzt Klasse abc für den Hintergrund der Hauptseite, Klasse 123 für den Hintergrund des Chats, Klasse $%& für den Hintergrund der Galerie etc etc. Bis ich auf deinen Skin gestoßen bin, wusste ich nicht um die Existenz von DeviantSkin, vielleicht sollte ich es damit noch einmal versuchen, scheint ja extra für DeviantArt zu sein...

Lass dir mit dem Skin ruhig Zeit - ich möchte ihn zwar unbedingt verwenden, da er perfekt zu meinem Firefox-Skin passt, allerdings muss man so etwas mit Hingabe und Sorgfalt machen, sonst wirds eine Katastrophe.

Am besten, ich watch dich mal, dann seh ich ja, wenns soweit ist =)
IgorKlajo Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
yup, es ist ein chaos momentan den ich da in der css datei hab, naja, die paar neuen sachen sind o.k. nur die älteren sachen sind so lala, da weiss ich nicht mahr was was ist. . . . da dA jetzt für jede sektion einen eigenen haupt id hat ( für journale, user pages, home, news etc. ) denke ich mal das es am besten wäre mit ne art framework zu arbeiten . . . ne globale css datei zu kreiren für farben, links, sachen die man verstecken möchte, etc, und dann für jede dieser sektionen von dA ne eingene css datei zu kreiren und dann alles via @import zu inlcuden . . . alles was global wäre würde man gleich sehen, und die sektionen könnte man je nach zeit und lust bearbeiten, die am häufigsten genutzten gleich mache und den rest mit der zeit . . . muss ich mir erst mal die ganze seite mit den neuen funktionen ansehen um zu sehen ob das auch wirklich klappen würde.

btw, danke für den :+fav: und für den :+devwatch:
Xyrus-02 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Hast Recht, modulares Arbeiten ist grundsätzlich besser. Find später erstmal mal die eine CSS-Klasse mit dem unmöglichen Namen in Zeile 2000 nochwas, die gerade von dA geändert wurde, damit Button xyz 34 Pixel nach links rückt und auf Seite 123 eine Shop-Werbung einfügt...
Mit 56k wär mir das echt zu mühsam, also Respekt für deine Mühe.
Fav und Watch: gern geschehen.
IgorKlajo Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
ich hab+s heute versuch offline zu machen, ist etwas schwierig, hoffentlich werde ich bald ti technischen voraussetzungen haben um richtig arbeiten zu können
Xyrus-02 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Bei deviantArt könnte das in der Tat schwierig werden. Ich hab mir den Quelltext mal angesehen und würde Jahre brauchen, bis ich alle CGI-Redirects und Deep-Links aufgelöst habe. Und wenn dein DNS-Client via 56k die Daten aus dem Netz nuckelt, braucht der Offline-Browser mindestens genauso lange.

Gestattest du mir die Frage, ob du von Kroatien oder Deutschland aus arbeitest? Die Frage stelle ich, weil du die erste Person mit 56k-Leitung bist, mit der in in den letzten 4 Jahren Bekanntschaft machen durfte und ich bisher der Meinung war, dass jene Modemleitung in Deutschland mangels Flatrate etwa zehnmal so teuer sein dürfte wie eine DSL-Leitung, bei denen sich die Anbieter preislich seit Jahren gegenseitig unterbieten. Hmmm...andererseits kenne ich Leute in Frankreich, die, aus welchen Gründen auch immer, für nichts in der Welt ihr 28.8er eintauschen würden...
IgorKlajo Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
bin in kroatien, könnte mir nen ISDN anschluss zulegen, nur habe keine lust 40% mehr für die grundgebürh zu zahlen und das mit dem dsl ist so ne sache. wir haben neue leitungen, keine optik aber 1998 wurden neue leitungen verlegt also könnte ich auch 24MBit haben, aber die gute alte t-com möchte kein geld in die zentrale investieren. die wollen kein DSLAM einbauen wenn es nicht so und so viele leute gibt die dsl auch haben wollen. es werden mindestens 15 leute gebraucht, und bei mir im dorf gibt es mehr als das, und zwar schon seit beinahe 3 jahre. aber wieso sollten die auch das machen wenn die jetzt drei mal so viel geld verdienen als wenn wird dsl hätten. bein einem profit von 1.8 milliarden Kn ( ca 230 millionen € ) wird kaum was in die adsl infrastruktur investiert, nur wenn du jemanden kennst der jemanden kennt der den t-com manager kennt, könnte es evenutell mit dem dslam klappen. alles was die machen müssten ist, ein 32port dslam in die zentrale einbauen ( ca 5000 € ), in der t-com zentrale einige leitungen freischalten, die accounts machen, den leuten den self-made kit für den anschluss schicken und das wars. müsste mal den herr ackerman oder wie der boss von t-com heisst ne mail schocken und fragen ob er weiss was die hier in kroatien so machen . . . oder besser gesagt nicht machen. kroatien ist klein und man hätte das ganze land innerhalb von 18 monaten zu 90% mit dsl abdeken können
(1 Reply)
JurjenSleebos Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
mmm... doesnt kinda work for me.
IgorKlajo Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2007
I wrote in the description that it doesn't work with the current deviantART version and that this needs an update.
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